Work from Home

As the Coronavirus statistics continue to head in the wrong direction, the UK Government have updated their advice to work from home if they can.

For the workforces that have remained at home through this pandemic and those who are heeding the recently updated advice, the same question for business owners arise. How can employees effectively work from home when they are away from the office environment? How can we continue to serve our customers and run our business with so many employees away from their desks? Will this impact efficiency and communication?

Whilst there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration, the communication link between your customers and your business is vitally important. One thing consumers and customers will have learnt through this pandemic is the utmost flawless patience you require when calling your bank or utility provider for instance.

“Your call is important to us (honestly)….you are caller number 57 in the queue” Arrghhh…


Whilst we need to appreciate the current climate may have an impact on staffing levels, a Hosted VoIP Phone system by UK Hosted Phones will allow your staff to work as efficiently sitting in their home office, as they would in HQ. With Hosted VoIP, location isn’t an issue.

Working from home with a VoIP Phone System is easy.

  • Answer calls from home – Redirect any call from the UK or International phone number to a mobile phone or PC.
  • Conduct meetings right from the comfort of your home with Unified Communications. Live messaging, Share your desktop screen and Audio & Visual conferencing.
  • Voicemail to email – if you are unable to answer a call and a customer leaves a voicemail, an email will be automatically sent to your inbox!

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KEEP SAFE! Government Coronavirus advice can be found here: