Hosted VoIP for Business – Why you should consider.

You may have heard that PSTN is due to be switched off in 2025, so many will be thinking – “What is the rush to switch over to a VoIP service now?”. However, there is also no point in delaying; there are many benefits your business will gain instantly by switching to a business VoIP solution from UK Hosted phones.

(VoIP) provides businesses with a solution to break free of expensive traditional telephony and outdated infrastructure; for a technology that harnesses the power of the internet and provides a feature-rich communication platform for your business.

Perfect for all sizes

No matter how big or small your business is, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings against a traditional telephony system. Hosted VoIP provides incredible flexibility by allowing the number of users to be scaled up or down at any time. Employees can also take their phone numbers with them (on the move) to any location with internet connectivity, so they are always available.

UK Hosted Phones provide a Hosted VoIP solution or often referred to as a Managed VoIP Solution, making it even easier for businesses to benefit from VoIP. Hosted VoIP can save companies from potentially expensive costs of having t invest in VoIP equipment and managing their system. In fact, we have a packaged up a few deals to help you get started.

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