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It takes 1-3 business days to set up and run. If no phones have been ordered, set up can take 1 day. The phones will normally take 2-3 business days to be delivered. Set up is very easy as everything comes pre-configured.

You’ll receive 5000 free minute bundle to 01/02/03 & UK Mobiles per month.

No, only certain types of devices will work with this system.

No, the choice is yours. You can use this system with just a computer, mobile phone or just rent the phones over a 3-year period.

The phone will work anywhere in the world, if you have a high enough speed internet connection. Simply, plug in your phone and it will start working. This would be great for frequent travellers and those who want to work from a holiday home.

You can cancel all your telephone lines, apart from your internet connection. (most times this will be your fax line).

Yes, you can have different area codes, it doesn’t have to be an area code where you are based.

Yes, our unique reporting allows you to see who makes calls outside of the bundle, this will help your staff to find alternative cheaper numbers to minimise extra costs.

No, as the telephone system is in the cloud and not in your office, there are no additional costs to pay other than £8.99 +VAT (plus any other phones you take). There’s no catch or other hidden costs.

Yes, we can move your existing telephone numbers to our phone system, we will manage this transfer process for you. On transfer day, there maybe a few minutes of downtime as we transfer your number. This could take a month to be in our full control. In the meantime, you are provided a temporary number which you can redirect your current telephone number to.

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