Do VoIP Phone Systems Save Money?

When it comes to your business, there is a difficult challenge of ensuring you have the best technology without overspending on the budget. Upgrading to new tech, whether hardware, software or both can be expensive. If you’re looking to upgrade to VoIP phone systems, you may be weighing up the benefits compared to sticking with your existing options. So, can a new VoIP phone system actually save you money?

Reduced cost of calling

By choosing a VoIP phone system, you can bypass all of the traditional phone operators around the world. This means that you no longer need to worry about the expensive cost per minute of calling your suppliers or clients wherever they are in the world.

As a result, you can still make the same volume of calls, or even more and pay less when you choose a VoIP system.

Cheaper infrastructure

A VoIP call system works by transmitting calls over the public internet. This is opposed to using standard phone lines. As a result, the maintenance cost and infrastructure costs are significantly reduced. This means you can receive a great deal from your VoIP provider. For example, UK Hosted Phones have affordable packages that start from as little at £8.99 per month, and this includes up to 5,000 minutes per month of calls.

Conference capabilities

VoIP phone systems often have fantastic features, such as conference settings. This means you can conduct your conferences using your existing VoIP package. This means you can do away with additional conference call solutions and the fees that come with them.

Furthermore, a VoIP system can also increase the level of service and accessibility for webinars and conference calls which can impress customers and enhance your business reputation.


Another cost-saving benefit of VoIP is that your staff have increased mobility. A VoIP system enables your team to work remotely, and phones can work from anywhere in the world. This means that your business can look to more affordable economies for staff recruiting or reduce the physical space needed for your workforce in the office. With increased staff mobility, your business can save money and improve its flexibility.

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