Work From Home

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US, many companies are encouraging remote working as a precautionary measure against the rapidly-spreading virus. The UK government’s chief medical adviser, Prof Chris Whitty has said people who show “even minor” signs of respiratory tract infections or fever will soon be told to self-isolate.

Many businesses are now asking how can employees effectively work from home when they are away from the office environment? How can we continue to serve our customers and run our business with so many employees away from their desks?

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus will spark a revolution in home working and we believe a Hosted VoIP Phone system by UK Hosted Phones can help maintain vital communications wherever you are.

Working from home with a VoIP Phone System is easy.

  • Answer calls from home – Redirect any call from the UK or International phone number to a mobile phone or PC.
  • Conduct meetings right from the comfort of your home with Unified Communications. Live messaging, Share your desktop screen and Audio & Visual conferencing.
  • Voicemail to email – if you are unable to answer a call and a customer leaves a voicemail, an email will be automatically sent to your inbox!

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